About San Benedetto Schools

‘School is an amazing adventure which is not experienced alone’. This sentence marked the beginning of the work of the San Benedetto Foundation schools.

The schools are: La Carovana kindergarten school, Piccolo Principe primary school situated in Porza and the Parsifal middle school, situated in Sorengo.

Our schools are: La Carovana kindergarten school, Piccolo Principe primary school (both situated in Porza) and the Parsifal middle school situated in Sorengo. The schools are well-established in Ticino and have become a meeting place for hundreds of families and a place of growth for almost 300 pupils yearly.

The San Benedetto schools have been open to everyone from the beginning. They were born through the initiative of a few families who had children of school age. These families came together to create an environment which nurtured their children’s academic and spiritual growth, enabling them to grow up confident in themselves and in life around them. From their very inception, the purpose of the San Benedetto schools has been to embrace children and teenagers and guide and support them on their educational adventure, becaming an ally to their parents. This creates a joyful working atmosphere where pupils really like coming to school and learning.

Each day, students have lunch together with their teachers in our school canteen. Lunch time encompasses a moment of gratitude for a meal shared together as well as a time of conviviality. Parents are invited to help serve the meal, clean up afterwards or supervise pupils in the playground after lunch.

Teachers at San Benedetto are the pillars of our schools. By recounting their personal experience of life to their classes and handing out the knowledge needed to understand the world, they guide students in the best possible way towards self-understanding. Within this relationship dynamic, students acquire self-esteem and an appreciation of their own individuality.

All students have a common desire to learn, grow and discover who they are whatever their personal background. At our schools, we nuture this desire by helping students to take responsibility for the tasks which await them in life. Through their relationships with our highly-experienced teachers children learn the beauty of friendship and the joy of mutual help.

Although educating our young people is not an easy task, especially nowadays, it is a very rewarding one. The teachers at San Benedetto schools help each other with this task by regularly sharing their personal experiences and work. This allows then to keep alive the challenge that life offers to everybody, and which, in the context of education, can’t be avoided.

We believe that fundamental to this educational challenge is the great question of what really counts in everything we do. Furthermore, we believe that this question should have a tangible answer. Without an answer, we can’t begin or even continue the adventure that is school. In respect of this, every morning begins with a prayer which the Christian tradition has given us. This prayer expresses our need to be accompanied while living the adventure of life.